HH Moda
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HH moda assists the cool people to co-design the next collection. We combine fashion with personality analysis and encode characters into clothes.

HH clothes are not just silhouette and fabric, but one story, something to identify with and an instrument for self-expression.

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clothes reveal

... the relationship between us and society.


We are living in a world of fast fashion: our clothes are quickly exhausted and have generally become too weak to convey their formerly protective and communicative function.

Often we buy clothes and are shortly after ready to give them away again. HH moda makes clothes more personal, more communicative and more energetic.


Who is
HH moda?

Natalì Hampl has founded the brand HH moda, specialised in fashion psychology. With tailored character she has developed an innovative co-designing process for fashion.

The international HH moda team combines fashion design with socio-psychological research. This allows us to design fashion close to the clients’ personalities. Apart from being functional and aesthetic, clothes are always communicative. In a playful and participative way, you find out what you wear, what you want and how you realize your personal potential.


Find out more about yourself and create clothes that suit your character!



Interview & individual meeting … 150 Euro

Potential Analysis … 300 Euro

Additional coaching session … 150 Euro

Visualisation … 350 Euro

ID Book … 450 Euro